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Lepidolite with Mica Slab 1

Lepidolite with Mica Slab 1

Lepidolite purifies electrical radiation and can be placed near electronic devices to absorb their radiation. It dispels negative energy and is useful in alleviating stress, obsessive thoughts, and insomnia.

Mica, also known as Muscovite, is a stone that promotes awareness. It also enhances intuition and stimulates unconditional love and acceptance.

Dimensions: 11x6cm

Weight: 71 grams

You will receive the item from the photo.

Please note that it is very fragile, so it is preferred to pick up the product. If you choose to ship it by post, I will pack the item as well as possible. Due to its fragility, I cannot guarantee that the item will arrive intact and no claims can be made for this.

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