Welcome at Crystals and Sisters

Welcome to the webshop of Crystals and Sisters. The webshop where you will find specially selected gemstones, minerals, crystals, and many other spiritual items just for you. Each item is carefully chosen and added to the webshop.

My name is Tessa and i am the founder of Crystals and Sisters. At a young age, my mother taught us that having an Amethyst under your pillow would lead to a better night's sleep and a calmer mind. She taught us that spirituality can be very beneficial and can help with certain problems or discomforts. So, I can say that spirituality and magic flow through my veins.

I will do my best to meet your expetations as good as possible! Whenever you have a question, looking for a special stone or something else feel free to contact me trough the website!

Please note that the adress you find on the website is not a physical store. I only work with online orders.